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Limited Warranty

What is covered?

This Warranty covers any defects in fabrics or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below - 

This Warranty does not cover:
1) Accidental Tear or Damage
2) Fading or Discolouration caused by
    (a) Exposure to sunlight 
    (b) Chemicals such as Ammonia, Laundry detergent, or Household Bleach
    (c) Dry-cleaning or Laundry due to excessive heat or chemical treatment

This Warranty is VOID if clothing has been altered by another company or tailor

Refund & Exchange Policy:

No Refund & No Exchange after fabric(s) have been chosen by the client and cut by the tailor

How long does the warranty last?

This Warranty runs for one month (for defects in material) from the date of purchase 

This Warranty runs for one year (for improper workmanship) subject to final evaluation by the company


Our Guarantee:

The Company assures and guarantees the satisfaction of all hand-tailored bespoke clothing purchased

The Company further guarantees free alterations for one year to all hand-tailored clothing from the time of purchase

(Other limitations may apply especially due to the condition of the garment and excessive size change of the client)

How do alterations work?

For all items, we endeavour to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their bespoke purchase.

In the event that any alterations are required, please email us at and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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