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While the pandemic has created obstacles and difficulties, it has provided us a catalyst for change where we’ve obtained and stocked up sustainable fabrics (using ecological weaving methods) including a system of updating  measurements and taking digital photos of client body profiles which help provide a visual for our cutters.

With the benefit of the latest technology (via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp etc.) you can now take part in a virtual shopping experience, where you will be able to see us at our store and choose from our latest collection of fabrics from Italy & England for Bespoke suits, sports jackets, slacks, shirts, etc.  We will personally assist you in making your fabric selections including the style & cut.  We will also help in guiding you to take the required measurements including digital photos of your shoulders & body profile which would help provide a visual for our cutters. Suffice to say, we have had tremendous success with this method of 'virtual shopping'. 

So please do contact us to schedule an appointment.  Kindly advise convenient date, time (taking into consideration the time difference) and preferred method of video conferencing.  We will confirm by return email.  Please allocate approximately an hour for our appointment.


We’re excited to hear from you soon so that we can “meet” using this ‘digital video communication platform’.

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Placing Your Personal Order

Ask for Ash, Luke or Amar Samtani who will personally assist you

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